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We had the great fortune of working with Kelly Maniateas in 2018 and, as a result, I made some decisions that changed the direction our team was heading in. These decisions were not easy ones, they required some deep dives, into: What did I truly want; What was/wasn’t in alignment with what mattered to me; What was the best for the business; The Team Members; What was I not seeing; Where was my biggest frustration? These types of ‘know thyself’ questions that require one to pause, reflect, and have the courage to go there. Kelly guided me (and our team members through this process) and helped me (and us) identify where our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats were.

Following Kelly’s guidance, I was able to make some big decisions, (some issues I had identified but didn’t have the courage to act on, some issues were newly uncovered by Kelly’s ability to ‘see the truth’ – quite often we have blinders on because we want and expect the best out of people). Our business has transformed, since this time. I gained clarity and courage through the numerous questions, discussions, analysis work and took action. The team members who are still here were identified as ‘keeper’s’, and were engaged in the process and committed to learning, growing, and contributing.

 Kelly taught us about the dynamics of a team, about the different levels of a team, about how individuals are wired differently, and helped us better understand one another.  

 This was enormously beneficial – this changed the dynamics of the team – some team members I let go of, some team members decided that we weren’t the right fit for them. Kelly did some deep diving in this area especially – she’s got us on a much different path and we will engage her services again. Especially in Operations.

The kicker….as entrepreneurs, we are always told – you’ve got to want it more than anyone else, you’ve got to push, stay determined, stay focused, make those 1,000 calls, you’ve got to want to grow your business, do more transactions, win more awards, make more money. The exercises I went through with Kelly (and I know I would not have arrived here without her Mastery), brought me back to who I really am and the vision for the business being reflective of that and supporting the good life. For me, the good life was to surround myself with like-minded, positive, hard working people who are passionate about learning, growing, and serving each other, our clients, other realtors, and businesses as well.

It is a good life and we’re having a lot more fun, taking off more time to be with the ones we love, and also serving our clients exceptionally well – with purpose, integrity, and love. Is it perfect? No – there are challenges, set-backs, disappointments too, however, I am in a much different place then I was a year ago. We are ‘following the model’ and executing on it well. It’s not about the gross – it’s about the net (in all things).

Thank you Kelly, you are a superstar and I recommend you to anyone who does want to live the good life.