Q&A w/ Kelly Maniateas: How to take Emotions out of Business Conversations

I am back again today with a question from one of our clients.  That question was “I’m trying to run a business and I don’t get it; how do I take the emotion out of these conversations?” We hear this a lot and we are human beings, so how do we take the emotions out of the conversation?  My response was “emotions become involved when you are dealing with unreliable numbers.” This client had a concept of what his numbers were, but he didn’t have a system in place that would track every single aspect of his business. We learn that the language of business is numbers. It is what allows us to scale our business.  It allows us to know what is working and what is not. It also allows us to hold the standards that you chose to have. The numbers you receive represent the standards you have set. Let me repeat that…The numbers you receive represent the standards you have set. So, in some cases we don’t like tracking our numbers because it is almost a mirror being put up in our face because we are not necessarily holding the standards that we have put in place. So, when it comes to taking emotions out of the conversation, the first place to start is with numbers. Let’s get a tracking system into place.  Every aspect from beginning to end of whatever type of transaction you are looking to do. Because the minute you understand the numbers of your business, is the minute you understand how to have a non-emotional conversation. Especially when it comes around standards. Please let us know if you would like help setting your business goals, standards, and implementing tracking systems.  Hopefully this was a value to you, and we will be releasing more Q&A videos for questions that we have heard.  If there is a question that you want Kelly to answer, send them to us! You can email [email protected] or post on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Integrative-Coaching-Solutions-328820521151915/).  We want to add value and would love to hear from you!