Plan For Growth

Growth is something that I believe every one of us do daily whether we are aware of it or not.  From the very first moment we are born it is in our DNA to do!  And yet when you look at the most successful people in our world today the success shows up when we are intentional in that growth.

John Maxwell once said “growth is the great separator between those who succeed and those who don’t”. The majority of the world sets out to succeed in life.  And yet the ones who truly do are the ones that accept failure on the way, reflect on the areas of growth required, and step into the person that is meant to achieve that success.

So what does this mean? How can you grow if you’re not willing to look at what might not be perfect within you? I heard once that perfection is the acceptance of mediocre standards.  This resonated with me because if you are perfect than you are no longer growing, no longer pushing yourself to be a better version of you compared to who you were yesterday.

Carl Jung stated “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”.  This is what we are really talking about, right? Deciding who we are going to be?  Already knowing that success is attached to intentional actions, the question we really need to answer is how do we become intentional about our growth?

The concept that is accepted across the globe is the strategy of a “growth plan”.  We know that a goal without a plan is merely a dream.  So it makes sense that if we are going to be intentional then a plan is our first step!  Let’s look at one possible example of an outline you could follow:

  • 1.  Define your goals
  • 2.  Prioritize
  • 3.  Set a deadline
  • 4.  Understand your strengths
  • 5.  Recognize opportunities
  • 6.  Develop new skills
  • 7.  Take action
  • 8.  Get support

As you already know, we are what we think.  So in looking at a growth plan start with what you would change in your thoughts.  Who would you choose to be, inside, at the end of your deadline.  This will set you in the place of understanding what you get to do to become that person.  Ask yourself, who do you want to be known for? When you know that answer everything else will fall into place.  The only step left will be……being relentless in what you say you want!